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Welcome to my page about all things MSX. With information on software, both old and new and also links to emulators, its all here! Enjoy!

Whats an MSX?

Now when I were a young lad (many years ago!) the first ever computer I had was an MSX. Whats one of those I hear you ask, well basically it was Microsoft’s vision that many manufacturers would create the hardware and there would be one software standard so they could all use the same software.

The MSX Logo
Those were the days... ahhhhh!

MSX was very big in the Netherlands, Japan, South America and even Spain! The success wasn’t really mirrored in the UK but while my friends were playing games on their Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Sega Megadrives and the other favourites like Spectrum (which I did later own and enjoy programming for – thats a story in itself!) Commodore 64 and Amstrad CPC 464s I had my trusty MSX which did have console quality gaming and was technically more powerful that most computers of its time.

What games were available?

Classic games like Nemesis (Gradius), Kings Valley 2 (wish this would be re-released – it was the first game I ever actually stuck at and completed!) and Penguin Adventure.  The Metal Gear series started off on the MSX. Konami developed and released alot of games for the MSX. This system will always remain etched in my memory as I really did have loads of fun using it.

MSX Websites

There are various websites out there that still fondly cover the MSX and there are still people making software for it. Its great to see the MSX Community still has a loyal following.

Take a look at the lists of sites below to get your fix of MSX goodness!

MSX Information (for a list of MSX Top Sites then click here)

LINK: MSX Resource Centre Foundation – This site has been around for quite a while and has an active forum with plenty of discussions about games, items for sale and everything MSX related.

LINK: MSX Info – Plenty of pictures and information here about our beloved MSX. Soak up the specs and photos!

LINK: Generation MSX – A good example of a website very passionate about MSX. Lots of screenshots, Walk through guides, Scans from games and books, its all here! Take a look!

LINK: Passion MSX – Various reviews and MSX information

LINK: Project MSX – Now I know this needs translating but it gives you some idea of whats out there regarding the MSX and how popular it is!

LINK: Project Egg – You can join this site and actually purchase MSX games and play them. Now they mention that other titles are coming, lets hope its soon!

LINK: The Ultimate MSX FAQ – All the info you ever need is here!

LINK: MSX Solutions – Plenty of solutions to alot of MSX Games.

LINK: The MSX FAQ – Classic Gaming Museum – A FAQ all about the MSX

LINK: Armchair Arcade – MSX Footage with Videos and Info on various MSX Games

Software Developers and Shops

eBay is a good place to find older MSX Games.

LINK: Paxanga Software – Make alot of MSX games.

LINK: MSX Cartridge Shop – Games are still being made (albeit slowly) for the platform and here’s a good place to find some.

LINK: MAP – MSX Assembly Page – If you want to start programming or would like more information and help then check this site out.

LINK: SuperSoniqs – Help and information for programmers and enthusiasts who still use their MSXs to this day.


There are also various emulators out there to enable you to play MSX games on your laptop (PC and MAC). There are also versions for Windows Mobile and also various Nokia phones. Here I have gathered up all the useful information and links that I could find! Happy browsing.  See the list below.

LINK:  BlueMSX – Quality MSX Emulator

LINK:  Zodiac X – MSX Emulator for the Mac – Runs on OSX

LINK:  PSP MSX Emulator – DCEmu forums discuss the PSP MSX Emulator

LINK:  fMSX – A pretty good MSX Emulator but there are more out there!

Also if you have a Wii then you can download and play alot of the games that were released on the MSX via their Wii – Nice story here to explain it all!

LINK: Wii MSX – Play MSX Games on your Wii via Blue MSX Wii.

Now if there’s any site that use would like to see here that you often visit or that I have forgotten please either comment on this post or send me an email! I want to keep this page updated to pay my respects to the MSX that I have fond memories of using in my youth and also to help keep the MSX spirit alive!

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  • Fernando Collazo

    Good to see people still enjoying the best 8-bit computer ever. Don´t forget games from Compile, Falcom, Microcabin and much more that never been released in west.

  • Thanks for the comment Fernando,

    I still have fond memories of it now, what a great system! Had to write something on my blog to show my appreciation for the MSX.I wish that the bigger companies out there would release emulators for the popular mobile devices out there so that we could continue to enjoy the games that were created back then.Would love to play Kings Valley 2 or Maze of Galious on my phone!

  • Alastair Brown

    Tom, are you still msx active?

  • Hi Alastair, I do try to follow all things msx and I have a keen interest in it still.

  • Alastair Brown

    Cool, I have had an msx 1 since 1985, and recently got an msx 2, there are still some good bits of new software and hardware available.