Im a fan of shooters. Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Battlefield series. There are constantly shooters being released. I prefer the modern warfare or ww2 based shooters.  Shooting aliens isn’t my kinda thing (altho Quake is a good ol bit of fun!). I like a bit of realism.

Battlefield 3 - Fault Line Screen shot
Battlefield 3 - Fault Line Screen shot

Pooping your pants as you run as fast as you can to cover. The rush is excellent. You get a real sense of fear and whilst running for cover with shots firing all around you, you can only begin to imagine what its like in real life.

(I seriously admire what the soliders do out there).

As a Call of Duty fan, there is one released every year. However I have just found this footage for Battlefield 3.

Im itching to get my teeth into another FPS and this looks like it will be the one. I still like the Call of Duty shooters (even tho the veteran difficulty on level 3 in black ops is causing me to pull my hair out!) but i’m constantly looking for a shooter that feels a bit more real.

It looks amazing! Looking forward to release date! (no idea when its out, but looking forward to it nonetheless!)

What do you think? On your must have games list for 2011? Tired of all the FPS games out there? Have you say, comment on the post below.

CREDIT: Found on YouTube via IGN


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