iPad 2 - Black or White?
iPad 2 - Black or White?

Well the iPad 2 has certainly been causing a stir in the tablet market.

When the original was released, people dismissed it and said it would never work. People said no one would buy a “bigger iPod touch” but they were wrong!

As we all know the iPad was very successful and it looks like the same is going to happen with the iPad 2.

It seems that its not just games that people play on the iPad, quite a few business’s out there have embraced the iPad, providing them in hotels, or in restaurants, it seems the iPad will be around for quite a while yet!

iPad2 thickness
iPad2 thickness

The main differences with the iPad 2 over the original is the thickness of the device along with the weight. The iPad 2 is now slimmer and lighter than the original. You can get the new iPad in a choice of 2 colours, black or white, and in 2 different models wifi or wifi and 3g. The actual storage capacity is now 16gb, 32gb or 64gb.

The screen size is the same, but the graphics have been improved along with the main processor.

Apple have fitted their A5 processor which is dual core and according to a few of the websites out there that already have their iPad 2’s you can certainly see the difference. Everything is a lot faster.

There are now 2 cameras, 1 x back facing and 1 x front facing. The cameras, whereas they certainly aren’t a patch on the iPhone 4’s 5 mega pixel camera, for facetime, they are spot on.

Apple has also released some funky magnetic covers for the new iPad that also double up as a stand, nice!

It seems the iPad 2 will be pretty successful as there are queues already in the USA for them.

Its officially released in the UK on March 25th, so itll be interesting to see how the UK fairs.

Will the iPad 2 sell out? Will you be purchasing one? Discuss away!

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