Apple very kindly released their latest version of iOS 2 days early on 9th March 2011. The update is for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPod Touch 3rd Gen and 4th Gen only.

iOS 4-3 Update
iOS 4-3 Update

With promises of a faster safari internet browser, home sharing, improved airprint, airplay support and the ability to transform your iPhone into a personal hotspot, the update was a nice welcome to add a few extra features to your device.

Those people out there wanting a huge change to the software on their iDevices will no doubt be disappointed.

Now im pretty sure this update is just to keep everyone happy while the folks at apple are beavering away on iOS 5 likely to coincide to with a new iPhone (iPhone 5) at some point this year (hopefully, as usual with Apple, nothing has been confirmed as yet)

The whole iOS experience seems alot snappier now and browsing using Safari does indeed seem speedier.

However the streaming feature really only benefits you if you have Apple TV and the personal hotspot feature means you need to pay for tethering on your iPhone (so thats another £7.50 a month then – The Three One Plan is looking even more tempting now!!!!)

I’m yet to try out the HomeSharing feature which enables you to stream music from iTunes on your laptop to your iDevice.

I’m thankful to Apple for continually updating their iOS software and tweaking it here and there. It’s also a simple and painless process to do.

Roll on the next iPhone 5 – what will it do? We shall just have to wait and see.

LINK: Apple latest iOS Update information

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