Use your iphone as a wifi hotspot
Use your iphone as a wifi hotspot

Following on from the announcement that Verizon are releasing the iPhone 4 on February 10th, the software the new iPhone is running is reported to be 4.2.5.

This is reported to have the ability to turn your iPhone into a personal wifi hotspot so up to 5 devices can use the iPhones Cellular data connection.

Now this is a clever thing and would be great but I have the feeling even tho we already use the data connection on our iPhones, carriers will, try to charge you for this or they won’t even enable it. This was exactly what happened with the iPhone and allowing it to tether to your laptop via the USB cable. This would be excellent but O2 charge extra (£7.50 a month) to be able to do this.

Many Android and Windows Mobile owners will tell you that they can already do this, without the carriers charging them extra. This is frustrating for iPhone owners. I can only hope that carriers enable the feature and DON’T charge a monthly amount to do this.

Considering alot of carriers are now removing their Unlimited Data (apart from good ol Three that is!) down to a fair use of 500MB a month I can see this being a great opportunity to charge customers extra for it.

We will just have to wait and see!

CREDIT:  Macrumours

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