Thank you all for taking part in the last poll which, shows that the clear winner, Windows Mobile seems to be the mobile phone Operating system of choice for our visitors.

What type of mobile phone do you own?

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Operating System Poll
What Operating System do you use?

Now we have decided to find out, via the Poll on the right hand side of  take a look below, What’s your choice of Operating System (OS)?

It will be interesting to find out just how many are still using Windows or if Apple have managed to tempt people away. Vote away people!

You can only vote once on the poll but I have made sure that for those of you who may use different OS’s in different circumstances I have allowed for this by having both [WORK] and [HOME] options.

Please comment below with what which Operating System you use the most and why? Do you have to for your job? Do you prefer any other operating systems that you use?

Let us know! Many thanks

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What's your choice of Operating System (OS) at home and work?

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