Welcome to 2011
Welcome to 2011

Hello there, yes I know, long time no speak. I hear you! It’s been an incredibly busy end to 2010 and things are just the same in 2011. Hopefully I will get more time to update this blog as its very dear to my heart.

Thank you for all your visits and input in 2010, I really hope that there will be more in 2011.


The new poll will be up in the next few days. If you have any ideas for Polls you would like to see up on here then please comment on this post or contact us via the contact us page on the site.

Updating. I will do my very best to update this site with my ramblings on a more frequent basis. This is not due to anything other than how busy I have been so I will keep my eye out for the latest and great news and this will be posted on this blog for all to see.

News stories. If you have any potential news stories that you would like me to feature then please send me the information via contact us. I cannot promise all items will be featured but I can promise that I will take a look at the item and if deemed appropriate then I will create a news story about it.

Speak soon!

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