iOS 4 family has been upped by 1! 4.1 is here!
iOS 4.1 - first major software update

iOS 4.1 has been available for about a week now, how are you finding it?

What do you like about it?

Here’s my list of the pro’s of iOS 4.1

  • Does the whole os seem a bit faster to you? To me things seem to have improved in the performance of iOS.
  • HDR photos – This is where the picture is taken 3 times and then the best of all the images are laid over each other thus producing a better quality image (you have the option to save the original photo to so if your not a fan of the particular HDR photo then you can save the image you like the most)
  • Game Center – Now this should encourage more people to purchase apps and games with this feature in it. Playing against someone online is now possible in some games and tracking high scores should all now be easier and in one place. That was the problem with the iOS platform, there were (and still are) so many different systems out there for achievements and high scores it would be nice if 1 system existed, we will see how developers take to Game Center but with companies such as Firemint (Real Racing and Flight Control) seeing improved sales, Game Center can only be a good thing
  • I have not noticed any dropped calls be I really cannot comment on this as where im currently living I have a very weak signal anyway.
  • iTunes PING (yes yet another social network! I haven’t bothered signing up for this but if i finally start releasing some of the music I have produced then I think this would be a good place to start with promoting it – keeping my eyes on this to see how it progresses)

All I can say is roll on more updates Apple. Yes people will slate you, but as long as you keep on updating your software, improving things as you go, I will be very happy.

Where’s the iPad update I hear you cry? Well Apple have announced it will be coming in the Fall 2010 – November is when its expected to be released.

LINK: Apples iOS featurelist

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