Keeping up with yearly tradition, Activision-Blizzard are releasing another Call of Duty this year on the 9th of November called:

Call of Duty : Black Ops (see reveal trailer below)

Treyarch are producing this one so it will be interesting to see what new ideas they bring to the table following the huge success of Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 produced by Infinity Ward.

The usual frantic build up is being created and Call of Duty : Black Ops is sure to be a huge hit among Call of Duty fans. Ive no doubt this will be a massive success but im not sure it will beat Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2.

COD - Black Ops
The new call of Duty Black Ops

It does look great and speaking as a big fan of the series (have been for many years, Call of Duty 2 anyone!!) im really looking forward to getting stuck in to the story and im hoping there will be more co-op play as for me in MW2, the spec ops missions, were a bit of a let down.

Call of Duty World at War CO-OP, and im not talking about the Nazi Zombies maps, for me was excellent.

Playing the whole of the single player mission through with a friend injected new life into the series and I hope they being it back and continue the progression in Black Ops.

LINK:  Call of Duty : Black Ops Official Website

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