1st post on this new blog!

Well here were are, my ideas, that are floating around in my head are now starting to take shape. Here we have a blog dedicated to all things Tom. Yes I know that doesnt exactly sound interesting to you guys out there but hey, ive purchased the names www.tomsramblings.co.uk and www.tomsramblings.com 😉 thanks to www.mooedia.co.uk for your help, the hosting is all sorted out and the site is ready and raring to go!

I aim to build the site up and as you can see it really is from scratch! (no logo yet, mmm will have to start using the wonderously free paint.net package – search on google to download, and see what I can knock together!)

Expect anything and everything to appear on this site. You all know that I love gadgets along with most electrical items so as I find out new info I will post it here. You will also be able to search under specific categories so if your not interested in what I have to say on one topic, youll still be able to find something, semi interesting to read on another!

I will also post any special offers that I find or anything that I think you guys out there may find interesting and useful.

Also I encourage you to sign up and join in the discussions! Your opinion matters 🙂

Visit the links that will be on the site that I will continue to update for sites that I like to visit when I get a chance.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my ramblings!! (wow that’s alot of exclaimation marks!)

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