Gizmodo, a popular tech blog think they have the exact phone in their possession. Read the full story on their site, but to summarise, an Apple engineer was in a bar, had a few beers, left the bar, “accidentally” leaving behind what looked like an iPhone 3GS.

Is this the iPhone 4g?
iPhone 4G or not?

After close examination what looked like an iPhone 3GS turned out to be hiding what appears to be the new iPhone.

It certainly looks like an iPhone, there are reports that it is a fake, but Gizmodo are certainly sure it isnt! Their site is packed with photos of the new device against the older 3Gs.

There are various videos to.

Checkout the video here:

My feelings are that this could well be the new iPhone and if it is i like the new design. It all looks very sleek and impressive yet familiar and slimmer. With whats touted as a higher quality bigger screen, an obvious front facing camera, straight away im liking the new iPhone. In some ways I do hope that this is the new iPhone as it would look like a June / July release from Apple, keeping up with their previous yearly iPhone releases.

What do you think? Is this the new iPhone? Is it an elaborate stunt by apple to promote the new iPhone? Is it a fake? Have you say by commenting on the post below.


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