The new Firmware announced for Apples iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad devices will be here in summer and they announced yesterday the main features that we can look forward to.

The iPhone OS 4.0 logo
Just what does iPhone OS 4.0 mean?
  • Multitasking
  • 5 x digital zoom in the camera app
  • tap to focus video in the video app
  • spell checker
  • send gift apps direct from the iDevice
  • Auto photo geo-tagging
  • Birthday calendar
  • Change the Home Screen wallpaper
  • support for blue tooth keyboards
  • and much more!

The main pointers of the event which apple holds in the US to announce the new features and allow the developers an insight into what will be available are below:

  • Multitasking – Finally they will have some kind of multitasking system which apparently wont suck the battery life out of your device but will enable programs to receive messages and run in the back ground.  By double tapping the Home button a list of running programs will be shown and you can then switch to the program you wish just by tapping on it  (see video below).I understand that this will work fine on iPhone 3GS devices and also the Third generation iPod Touch but not for any of the previous devices. Will be interesting to see how this works (and doesn’t work) for all devices

See the video for multitasking below.

  • Folders – To enable you to stop flicking from page to page on your device you can simple drag an app onto another (for instance – a game) and this will create a folder based on the category of the app and place those apps in the folder. Apparently this will mean at the moment the limit of apps on your device is 180 but now you can have over 2000! Great for tidying up your home screen, simple change be essential!
  • Home Screen Wallpaper – You can now have the same picture as your lock screen or a different image on your home screen. This wont affect me but its another way of customising your device to suit you.
  • Mail – Now you can quickly access all your seperate mail accounts using one, unified inbox or you can quickly switch between you current mail accounts, also your attachments can be opened via an App on your device. This is great as now you can edit and open documents on your device. Very welcomed!
  • Game Center – Very similar to Microsofts Xbox Live system (soon to be released as part of the Windows 7 Phone) matchmaking with people of similar skill, challenging friends, competing on leaderboards and also earning achievements will all be part of the experience. This is a clever move from apple.
  • iBook – This is now not just on the iPad but also on the iPhone to. Being able to look at books and purchase them all from your phone. Good stuff.
Feature list for iPhone OS 4.0
Plenty to look forward to!

Now the above announcements are very welcomed and i am seriously looking forward to the summer to see how the update performs. Knowing Apple the new features (which alot of phone owers will tell you, their devices already do) will work seamlessly and be easy to use. Can’t wait!

Roll on summer! and iPhone OS 4.0!

LINK:  Apples iPhone OS 4.0 announcement

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