Its here, well nearly here! In the USA they are queuing up to buy their iPads and various sources on the internet report that over 300,000 units have been sold / pre-ordered. That’s alot of devices considering the state of the economy. It is good to see that while all the doom and gloom is going on there could still be light at the end of the tunnel.

iPad useful device or expensive mistake?
The iPad is just around the corner

The iPad, while not as revolutionary and magical as good ol Mr Steve Jobs is making out, still has a niche market. Some people are discussing on the internet on various blogs and forums saying that the device is missing various pieces of hardware and software, and that its not a full laptop and needs to be sync’d.

Fair enough, each to their own but here’s my take on it all.

Everyone has a computer or a mac. Fact. Alot of people have multiple devices and sometimes have to cart around their laptops when all they really need is a netbook. Netbooks are ok but having an iPad means all the apps you already have, are just there. The iPad is the perfect size and weight to enable you to get on with some work whilst on the move. The device will just mean that more and more companies will develop apps for the apple devices and this can only be a good thing.

For instance most people check their emails, browse the internet, listen to music, poss watch video or stream programmes from sites like BBC iPlayer. Having the ability to edit spreadsheets or update a letter from such a device is perfect. Its an instant on device. No waiting for windows to load up. Perfect. Sometimes you just want use a simple device, not a overblown laptop or pc. This is where the iPad comes into its own.

Now i know it seems like i am ‘bigging up’ the iPad, and I am. I can see where the device will fit and why it is selling. Im not sure if i will get one and im leaning towards the “hold off and wait until the next generation appear so the price goes down” camp.

For me updating my blog is easy enough, I don’t need another device. Im not often out and about and needing a laptop, in fact I can’t remember when I last needed one out and about! The other tasks that i use a laptop for cannot be used on the iPad (yet) Hopefully it wont be long before the larger companies port or create their webdesign software and music creation software for the iPad. We will have to see.  However i can see how the iPad would fit into your life.

The other thing people seem to forget is that the App store has tons of games. Now the iPad is the perfect device for playing games on. Its smaller than a laptop, doesnt require any more hardware and the prices for the games range from 59p so straight away you can see the appeal of the device for gaming. Many companies are changing their games that were released for the iPhone to fit the size of screen on the iPad. This can only promote the device and make more companies want to develop for it.

My conclusion is that if your finding your iPhone or iPod touch a little too small and the only things you use your laptop for are checking emails, surfing the web and looking at various documents then the iPad is perfect. The iPhone has done so well because of its ease of use and the fact that you have everything with you wherever you go.

Now its the iPads turn. How will it fare? Will it be a huge success? Reports on the internet are that 27th april will be when the UK will see the iPad. The apple website states late april, so will keep our eyes peeled.

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