it really is tastic of the stach nature!
Great app, grab it now!

The FreeAppAday website has a great app today. Check it out, its loads of fun. Change the pictures of friends and family and upload them onto your social networking site or email them.

Loads of fun to have. Wonder what your best mate would look like with a magnum style tache? Well this software enables you to add any style of tache you wish! A simple pinch and zoom and you can resize the tache to fit.

Excellent! Its great fun and produces some good results!

Look at what you can do, with an iPhone and Stachtastic!
Change the look of your friends and family

This app is free today, 24th March 2010 and today only, but to be honest it looks like it would be worth purchasing anyway. Great app! Extra packs can be purchased so take a look today!


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